About GRIT


We've built an internet-enabled technology that offer a simple way to quantify power consumption from multiple power sources — solar panels, generators, inverters or the grids. With this, you can make informed data driven decisions on how best to power your home and businesses, while reducing costs and proactively preventing improper use.

Our home-built technology — the GRIT Meter — is tailored to the unique requirements of under electrified communities and requires a firsthand installation by a trained GRIT System’s personnel. Once installed, users can remotely view graphs, receive notifications and generate simple language reports about an arbitrarily complex power supply mix.

Our Team

GRIT Systems was founded by Ifedayo Oladapo who has a background in developing embedded systems for power-trains. We started the company with just 2 members (including the founder), a number that have since grown to 15.